Our history

Votaniche was established in April 2019 by a team of entrepreneurs with a long presence in the pharmaceutical sector. They envisioned of a new company able to highlight the unique diversity of the Greek pharmaceutical plants, by producing natural products for the international marketplace. This company has gathered a team of professionals with great experience in relevant fields.

Votaniche has developed strong relationships with several Greek Universities and has gained access to scientific documents with herbal formulations aligned with their use in medicine. The company evaluates and enriches this database, coming up with innovative natural products of high quality, meeting the needs of those who care about their health and well-being.

Based in Athens, Votaniche focuses on developing commercial relationships with other enterprises worldwide, on a B2B basis.


Our vision & mission

Votaniche intends to become a leading Greek company, developing and producing natural products which improve the users’ quality of life, corresponding to the international market needs.

The company develops natural products with extracts from Greek pharmaceutical plants, emphasizing on the quality of their ingredients, the innovation of their formulation and their clinical documentation.


Our philosophy

Votaniche intends to satisfy its customers’ requirements with respect to consumer needs. Seeking for therapeutic areas where there is a lack of natural products, the company offers its own solutions. For Votaniche, high quality is a non-negotiable value. Thus, only premium-quality raw materials are used, to ensure the added value of the final products.

Greece is the third most biodiversity country on the planet and is suitable for the development of aromatic and medicinal plants, due to its ideal soil and climatic conditions. The native flora of Greece is one of the richest amongst the Mediterranean countries. Thanks to these conditions, the Greek medicinal plants are widely recognized for their organoleptic properties and so for their extracts.