Natural products with unique features

We develop natural products with special features making them user-friendly. We are always seeking for niche markets and opportunities to help people live better.


Optimal formulation

Unique herbal extracts from Greek pharmaceutical plants

Greece has a great variety of environmental and climate conditions and this is reflected in the rich biodiversity of the pharmaceutical plants. These qualitative herbs and their valuable extracts are used for ages to cure and treat several medical conditions. This inspired us to highlight the benefits of their use and to offer them to the international market.


Scientific documentation

Proper proof of safety and efficacy

As science is in progress, we are looking for proof in every decision we make. We analyze the herbal extracts and look deeper into each one of their components to understand their role in human body physiology. We also use branded ingredients or standardized extracts to document our products’ claims, reliably.


Natural products that meet your needs!

Care for our customers by delivering value-added products

We strongly believe that our job is complete when our customers’ needs are satisfied. We get into their shoes and then we develop brands to offer solutions to them. Our natural products are aiming to leave our customers, as well as theirs, happy.



We are seeking therapeutic areas where there is a lack of natural products, aiming to satisfy the consumers’ needs. For us, high quality is a non-negotiable value. We choose to use only premium quality raw materials, to ensure the added value of the final products.


Product development

We offer our services proposing solutions to our clients. A company willing to enrich its product portfolio is now given the ability to choose among a range of original natural products or, alternatively, to seek for an ad hoc solution.