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About Us

Votaniche is the first company to exploit Greek medicinal plants for the production of high-quality extracts - suitable for the production of pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Greece is the third most biodiversity country on the planet and is suitable for the development of aromatic and medicinal plants due to its ideal soil and climatic conditions.

The native flora of Greece is one of the richest in the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

The medicinal plants can be grown in all mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. There are many such lands in the country (about 44% of the total arable land) in which they can be exploited. In addition, they have small demands on care, they are resistant to enemies and diseases, they are ideal cultures for the application of organic production methods and they have prospects and commercial interest.

Greek medicinal plants are considered to be of excellent quality because of their organoleptic properties and therefore have the potential to become very competitive with the corresponding Asian products.


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